Sunday, September 10, 2006


So I know that Im not the best at it and I fail not just daily, but more like hourly, but God has really been teaching how to love on all levels and to love with no strings attached. And this has been something that has been going on for the last year or so and God has been using Scripture and friends to teach me how to love. Looking back, here are a few observations; Vaka - any of you that know Vaka know that he wears his emotions on his sleeve and he lets you know what and how he feels about you. Vaka, you taught me that its ok to express how your feeling and how much you love a friend and in particular, between two guys, its hard to express that sometimes cause we have to be "manly" and telling your best guy friends that you love them apparently isnt the coolest thing to do these days, I beg to differ now days. Thank you for teaching me Vaka. Kenny - If you are around Kenny and Nicole for 5 minutes, you know that Kenny loves her to death. Kenny has taught me a lot on how to love Courtney by watching him love Nicole. I could write a whole page about this, but I'll spare you. Thank you beyond words Kenny on teaching me by example. Bill and Betsy - given their situation at their previous church, you've taught me how to love people and simply love them in a situation that is from hell basically. I've learned how to be persistent to where God has called his people and to love the people no matter what the situation is at the time, love the people God has placed around you. Thank you Bill and Besty for that. Courtney - She has taught me how to love myself. If you know me then you know that Im my biggest critic and sometimes dont have the most confidence in myself and she has given me that confidence and given me the support that I need and I too often forget how lucky I am. Thank you Courtney. Taylor - Taylor really through this last year and all of his trials and all of the talks we had, which are some of my favorite times when I look back, not because of his trials bet because of the opportunity to grow together in God and to learn from him, but through all of that Taylor really taught me how to love God more and to always go to Him first and seek Him first and to soak everything in prayer, thank you Taylor. Again I could go on for days because these are just a few that have taught me tremendously. I feel like Im sitting on a perfect oppotunity to love another good friend that needs love more than anything right now in his life and I and all my other friends have the perfect opportunity to love him and to reel him back. I get frustrated when I see some of his friends just cut the line and give him no chance, that hurts my feelings and it also makes me angry so Im sorry for coming across as a jerk sometimes, but I love this guy and I feel like if we lose him this time he's gone, and I dont want that to happen. Again God has taught me beyond words on how to love and Im so thankful for all my friends and all that you have taught me and we are living the faith, we are living it out, thank you for being the community that I need. I hope that I too can be that for you guys.

P.S. - I started today reading probably the thickest book or at least one of the thickest as far as theology goes (Desiring God - John Piper) and I cant wait to see what He teaches me.

I love you all.