Tuesday, September 09, 2008

That first weekend . . .

With the weather around here is starting to feel a little like Fall already, even though I know it probably won't last but for a few days, I can't help but already start to get in my Fall season of music.

When I come to the Fall season of music, my music makes a turn for the more relaxed, chilled style of music, even though most of my music would fall into that category, there is a clear difference.

Suddenly my intake of Ryan Adams, James Taylor, Iron & Wine, Bob Dylan, Damien Rice, Norah Jones, Martin Sexton, Ray LaMontagne and the likes of these musicians.

I can't help but think about the times when this music played such an important role and had such an influence on me. When I listen to certain songs or musicians I think of the long talks that Taylor and I would have on UT campus and enjoying the finer things in life as we sat on picnic tables or wondered around. The many dates we had with the Gooche's, the days spent on the disc golf course with Bill or on his porch once again enjoying the finer things of life. Or all the time spent downtown, at the Brewery or in the markert. Or to think about the time that was spent out on the curb at JBC, throwing the frisbee with Vaka or the trips to the mountains or the trip the guys took to Jake's house for the weekend. Some of the best memories I have.

I can't help but think of Virginia when Fall comes around. Virginia has made its mark on me. When I listen to James Taylor I think of my family in Virginia. You hear stories about how some people are glad they live far away from their in-laws. I however am the exception I suppose. I miss them. I miss getting a knock on our day and its them asking what we're having for dinner or just going over to their house and hanging out all night doing nothing really, but just being there with family. The trips we would take, even if its just across town. And by family, I don't mean just my in-laws, that includes the Maynard's, Lumia's, all of Sarah's friends, all of Ashley's friends, the Browns, Rogers, and many more of you that I'm sure I failed to mention. I miss you and its like an ache that just doesn't seem to go away at times.

When I think of family and when I think of Virginia, I think of Montebello. You have forever marked my soul. The beauty that is there, the beauty of the scenery that you find there, the beauty of the family that is there, the beauty of the conversations that take place there, the beauty of relationships that start there and that deepen there, the beauty of the solace you find there, there is so much beauty that at times it overwhelms me to even think about it, let alone see it all with my own eyes and be a part of it all.

So here's to Montebello and to the first weekend in October. I will make it back to you, but not soon enough.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just Around The Corner . . .

So this past weekend, I spent the whole weekend with just our dog Marley. Courtney went to Port Hope, MI to see her family, with my job being one to where I work on Sunday's, I unfortunately was unable to go. So Marley and I just hung out and spent a lot of time together. We went on some drives together and she just sat in the passenger seat and stared at me, I think she enjoyed the time we spent together.

Yesterday however, I finally got a chance and went out and played golf with some friends. I actually shot pretty good, I was 6 over for 18, I shot a 77, which I was very pleased with.

While I was out on the course, there were numerous times my ball seemed to find the trees, so I had to go searching through a small forest to find my ball. I couldn't help but think of my high school days when I was out there on the course, whether in the small forest or waiting to hit the ball. All the time I spent on golf courses in high school, it brought back some memories.

I think the best memory was when I would be walking and underneath my feet I could hear the crackling noise of the leaves, it's already happening.

I could see myself walking down the golf course back in high school and it being cold enough to wear pants and a long sleeve shirt. Just me out there playing a few holes before dusk would settle. I loved going out and just being out there and just thinking and listening to the sound of the season. Yesterday, I was able to have a glimpse of what is just around the corner.

I was reminded that the Fall season is just around the corner and I couldn't help but smile and get excited.

PS - Congrats Bill and Betsy, I can't wait to meet him. :)