Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So I know it seems like it has been years since I have updated, and it almost has. And Im sure the two of you that read this think. . well he doesnt have anything else to do. . and maybe your right but . . . . tomato. .tomoto.

All I want to post is that Im going to miss some of my best friends in life with this move that is happening. And Im sad. Happy about the new opportunities but sad about leaving you.

I'll have to find new people to share my same laughter, same taste in books, same taste in music and people that I can call at a drop of a hat to go out for a drink or smoke or a talk. . .

I guess this just means that we'll have to really make time to see each other and to have vacations together and such. My friends. . .I cant tell you how much Im going to miss having you 15 minutes away. I love you all. . .but we'll see each other soon and we'll go to the local bar and have a drink and smoke a pipe and catch up and talk for hours like we havent missed a step, and for that, Im thankful.