Tuesday, August 22, 2006


How powerful are words in your life. . .are words you say just words or do they mean something more? I was reading last night from a commentary on the book of John that I have recently decided to spend some time in. And the author of the commentary was giving a brief background on the Jewish culture and he was talking about how John really focuses on Jesus being the "logos" or the word. As I was reading I came upon this statement that stuck out in my mind; "To the Jew a word was far more than a mere sound;it was something that had an independent existence and which actually did things."

I feel like words dont mean anything to us Americans anymore. I always hear the statement that is somewhat along the lines that actions speak louder than words. I do believe that is true, but I however also believe that we need to place a higher emphasis on the words we say and hear. In Biblical times, there were not 2 or 3 Bibles in every household sitting on the coffee table or in the drawer next to your bed. All they had were words, they didn't have the New Testament in 8 different versions as we do today, so they would gather around and have these meetings and share the gospel through words. I do understand that we do need to know our culture and know how to reach our culture and I know that our culture is one that says that actions do speak louder than words and so I understand that we do need to be people of action, but I believe we as Christians need to place a higher emphasis on the words that we say and hear and like the Jewish culture in the time of John, may they not be a "mere sound", but may they be "something that had an independent existence and which actually did things." May the words we use, bring action, may the words we hear, may they cause us to be people of action and not just let them go in one ear and out the ear. God created the heavens and the earth by speaking words.

"If you wish to see that word of God, if you wish to see the creative power of God, if you wish to see that word which brought the world into existence and which gives light and life to every man, look at Jesus Christ. In him the word of God came among you."

Saturday, August 12, 2006


So we, and when I say we I mean my dad, brother and myself, decided to paint the little side porch tonight. Well we didnt decide to do this until about 4 o'clock tonight. So we brainstormed and maybe two trips to Home Depot and 7 1/2 hours or so later, we still dont have the porch painted. Not only did we decide to paint it, but by all new ladice to go around the porch and on the top and apparently we have a big party here tomorrow night for Ben and his welcome back into the states. So we have a lot of work to do before 5:30 tomorrow night. We'll see how it goes.

I took a little trip this afternoon to Best Buy and Barnes and Noble to look/buy some cds. I wanted to buy about 6 or 7 but I brought it down to 2. I bought an older Ryan Adams cd - Gold and went with a group called BR549, kind of a country rock style, I like it so far. Im excited to be back in Knoxville soon so I'll have disc exchange close at hand, and Mckays and good friends with good music taste and good music I havent heard yet.

Oh and apparently you can rent CDs now at the library, my sister goes there and borrows them.

Does anyone read this anymore. . .I dont think they do. Maybe this is a lost cause?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What Are We Doing?

I feel like we've missed it. When I say we, I mean the church. The American Church. I feel like the people in church today just dont get it. Church and being a part of the church today means going on Sunday and maybe even being a part of a small group or bible study, whatever you want to call it, maybe even being a part of a community service project, maybe even being an elder or deacon and then having your own life at home. I am learning more and more that everything, everything we do is spiritual and there is not a seperation between the "secular" and the "spiritual" or "religious". There is no such thing and it breaks my heart to see churches today and even individuals, including myself at times, miss the point, miss what its all about.

Ive been thinking alot about what and where to go as far as ministry goes and to be honest, I feel completely lost on where God is leading me. But I do know that I want to create an enviroment and be a part of people that really get it, that its abour relationships, its about community, its about love, its about caring for each other. I want to be apart of a church and community that gets back to the simple truth of it being all about Jesus and coming back to Jesus. I want to be a part of a church and community that lives the gospel, speaks the gospel, eats and drinks and breaths the gospel. I want to be around people that know that this life, this christian life is not simply a game, its not something that we do three days a week, its not even about doing good things, its about Jesus and the redemption that He offers us. I think Mark Driscoll says it best when he said that "God's mission is not to create a team of moral and decent people but rather create a movement of holy loving missionaires who are comfortable and truthful around lost sinners and who, in this way, look more like Jesus".

I dont want to be known for something he does or doesnt do, but rather I want to be known for something that I am.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Top five

Give me your top 5 books to read. . .or however many. . .top five best books you've read or maybe top 5 books to read now. . .or something. .

Thursday, August 03, 2006

No One Told me. . .

Well we made it up to Port Hope, Michigan, which is at the very tip of the thumb of Michigan. The first few days we were here it felt like we were in the fourth ring of hell it was so hot. It is an extremely laid back town and a very old town, which is really cool to see. Grandad has a ridiculously amount of antiques in the house and out in the two barns, its amazing to see. Today it finally cooled down and it feels amazing. We worked on fixing/making a new gate for the back yard, that was cool, for a while however I felt like I was just following them around like a lost puppy dog but things changed today and I was able to actually do some manual labor on the farm so that was fun. Ive been sleeping in a bed that I feel like was made in the 1800's and I feel like Ive been sleeping on a board, but hey Im not complaining cause its got a roof over top and its better then sleeping on the cement or something. No one told me it was this nice up here, this is my first trip to Michigan, first of many Im sure, but its been a good one and Im glad I was able to finally make it up here to see what Courtney will inherit one day. Its been good to meet some people up here and try to learn the history of Port Hope and all that jazz. We went to a graveyard last night and Grandad was telling me all about all the generations that were buried there and I couldnt keep up with him. It was Grandad's Great Grandfather that foudned the town of Port Hope so Courtney is the fourth generation, which was cool to see all of this. I would love to bring our friends up here one day and just hang out up here and to see this area and to just relax, that means you Bill and Betsy and Kenny and Nicole and Jake and whoever you might be with at that time, and Vaka and Shannon if they're still around this side of town and whoever else I may have forgotten, but we will pencil it in our scheldue books and see what we can do one day hopefully. This town is great for relaxing and catching up on some reading, when your not working on the gate or one of the other 3,487 jobs to do around here, but its still great. The town basically shuts down at 9:30 and the house has a beautiful big front porch that I love to perch myself on and just watch and listen and think.

Well we are getting ready to go out to eat, all the family so Im going to get off here. Oh and just to let you know. . .no one told me that I had to bring maybe some "nice" clothes up here for dinner. The guys dressed up nicely in polo shirts and either nice jeans or khaki's and the ladies all dressed up nicely and then here I am in old jeans, chuck taylor's and a good will t-shirt. I didnt bring anything else. . .oh well, nothing new to me though. .Ive always felt a little like the black sheep so no worries folks. . .I'll just keep on keeping on.

I'll see you all soon hopefully and Im reading a book on the Jewish culture and the Jews in the time of Jesus. . .interesing. . .goodbye