Friday, April 25, 2008

What am I doing?

So now that I have been at the church for over 2 months, I think the honeymoon stage is over.

Every few years, probably 5 or 6 years, the church does this evening event called Friday Night Live. Yes just like Saturday Night Live, but they add their own little twists to certain acts. For example, this year they have Pep Talks with Harold. Just like the priceless pep talks with Peyton Manning, except its with Harold, who happens to be an 83 year old man that is about as big as my thigh, seriously, no seriously he is. A twist on Dancing with the Stars is also happening and different things like that.

Well they have roped me into doing a few acts. And for most of you who read this, you know I like to have a good time and have fun. Well getting on stage and dancing and lip singing is a whole 'nother deal for me. Well here are my two acts that my wife and I are doing this year. For those of you who are Spinal Tap fans, there is a movie called A Mighty Wind which is made by those same guys. In it their is a group called the Main Street Singers, well Court and I and all the staff and their wives are all in it and we make up the main street singers, in our cheesy outfits and our cheesy smiles. It's very interesting. Check this out for a video from the movie.

My second and last performance for the night will be a little dance number. Our senior minister here, Bob, was asked to dance the Napolean Dynamite dance. Well he didn't want to have to do it by himself so they roped myself and Court to dance as Pedro and Deb with him. So I am wearing my old man jeans, my cowboy shirt, and belt buckle and my fake mustache and Court is wearing her 80's gear for the dance that we have composed.

This will be a very very interesting night for myself and everyone watching, to see me on stage, dancing and lip singing.

I guess this could be kind of fun. If I get any video from it, I will post it for all of you to laugh at me and make fun of me.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

. . .oh the joy's. . .

So in the past two weeks, this has been our situation. Replacing Courtney's windshield, dealing with taxes and not understanding any of it, getting my oxygen sensor replaced in my car and then we just found out that the back two coil springs on my car are cracked and need to be replaced ASAP . . .totaling to at least $2,400 in the past two weeks. Boy life is fantastic. The perks of growing up I suppose.

But if thats the worst that can happen to us right now, we're living a pretty good life. So I guess I can't complain to much, but it sucks a little right now, but we'll make it through.

The weekend to Knoxville is needed more than ever now after this week or so. I can't wait to head down that way and just relax and see good friends and be in back in a town we absolutely love.

Viva La Knoxville!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2 years ago today . . .

Two years ago today I asked my girlfriend at the time(now my wife) to go out on a date with me. Playing it up as if it was just another date to where we would probably just go to Starbucks and hang out and talk and then maybe go to McKays or walk around Worlds Fair Park, thats usually what most of our dates consisted of, three of our favorite places to go.

Little did she know that I had an engagement ring in the car at the same time in the same car we were driving in to go to the same places we had always gone. So this is how it all played out . . .

We arrived at Starbucks, got our normal drinks that we always got, went and sat on some comfy chairs and just hung out. Well, it began to storm, and storm reeeally hard, so hard that the power went out and we were hanging out talking in the Starbucks with the floodlights on and thats all that was on in the whole store. So this isn't really working out like I had it all mapped out in my head. Well we look outside only to see chairs floating down the street because there was so much rain and wind. Not really playing out at all like I had thought. So we hung out there a little bit more, then it finally died down and began to sprinkle only a little. So I asked her if she wanted to go walk around Worlds Fair Park, which caught her off guard because I'm usually not the type of person that wants to just go walk around in the rain for fun. But I convinced her to and so we did. While she ran to the bathroom in Starbucks, I ran to my car and popped the trunk and put on a light jacket that had the ring in the pocket. So it was starting to pull together.

Well with all the rain, it ran everyone out of the park except for one homeless man we saw, so that ended up being alright. We walked around and just talked. I had my phone on vibrate and had set the alarm to go off 9:11 pm. She always looked at the clock at that time and she never knew why. Well I actually had it set for 9:10 so I knew to ask her a question when it went off. When I felt my phone vibrating I asked her when she needed to get back because she was supposed to hang out with a few friends that night and she said whenever we got back. Well by that time, I looked at my clock and was like . . ."Oh, guess what time it is?" and of course it was 9:11 and I asked her why she thought she always looked at the clock at that time and she gave me a few reasons. I suggested that maybe she looked at the clock at 9:11 because she knew big things happened at that time. Which is when I proceeded to pull out the ring and propose to her on a few steps right next to the water in worlds fair park.