Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beloved. . .

So I've been extremely busy with everything going on. All of my favorite people coming for a long weekend, our wedding, then honeymoon, then getting back into the grind with working and just getting used to this area and this stage of life.

So I finally started reading a book that Ive been wanting to read for a while now. Its called Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen. Within this book, he talks about a conversation he had with a reporter that later became one of his good friends. This reporter came to him to do a report on his life and in their first conversation, Henri just out of the blue asks him if he likes his job and what he would really like to do. Well the man wanted to write a novel but figured he couldnt, because he either didnt have the time to take off work, or the money or the talent to write a novel. Well Nouwen suggests to him the he come stay with him for a year and write his novel and he makes a statement that has been with me, challenging me ever since. Nouwen said to the reporter and to us as well that we are to ". . .claim your deepest desire and do what you really want to do. . . time and money arent the real issue." And the reporter repsonds with, "What is?" "You are, you have nothing to lose. You are young, full of energy, well trained. . .Everything is possible for you. . .Why let the world squeeze you in?. . .Why become a victim? You are free to do what you want, if, that is, you really want it."

And when I sit back and look at my life, I feel like too many times Ive allowed the world to "squeeze me in." I just do things because thats what the world tells us we are supposed to do. But hasnt God placed these desires and passions and longings in us for a reason? Arent we to act upon those and enjoy those and enjoy our jobs and whatever else we do? Maybe this apply's to no one else and thats ok with me, because Nouwen's quote spoke to me about not doing things just because thats what the world tells us to do, but to follow and pursue your passions and desires, to act upon them.

"I believe that people can make choices and make them according to their own best aspirations. I also believe people seldom make these choices. Instead, they blame the world, the society, and others for their 'fate' and waste much of their life complaining."

Part 2 from Life of the Beloved soon to come. . .