Friday, September 21, 2007


So its been a long time since Ive updated and its been super busy as well. Just to give you a little bit of an idea of whats been going on and whats to come . . .

Well I started a new job. Im working for one of the city's Parks and Recreation department around here, the city of Hampton actually. Its an interesting job to say the least. I actually dont really do anything for the parks or recreation department. Really what I do is I mow, weedeat, and landscape most of the city. I work with some interesting people, but for the most part most of them are pretty cool. So Im trying to figure out and balance everything with work and get into a routine of life I suppose, if you can do that.

Ive also been getting involved with church stuff here. Ive been asked to try to lead up and head up a college age ministry, but its going really slow because it just takes so much time and energy to try to start up a new ministry, especially college age because everything is so relational and most college students are at least a bit skeptical about everything, especially a ministry and a church. So needless to say its moving slow.

Im also unofficially leading a young adult small group. Court and I started going to the small group and there was a leader, but not really. They all wanted something deeper, but no one wanted to step up and lead or felt like they could. So being a "bible college graduate", everyone assumes you know the Bible better than they do, which is far from the truth, at least with me, but Im willing to lead and step up. And it gives me a chance to lead and challenge myself and others as well, so thus far its actually been really good, for both the group and myself.

Court and I also are going to start teaching another bible study, for high school students. A lot of Court's sister Sarah's friends are very interested in going deeper, but arent being challenged at church or in the small groups they offer. So Court and I decided to offer a bible study for those willing to go deeper or wanted to go deeper. Im actually really looking forward to teaching this because these students are willing to learn and go deeper and you cant ask for anything more than that in a disciple of Christ. So this study will be fun and very challenging for them and Court and I as well hopefully.

I also go asked the other day to help teach an all guys small group of 7th, 8th and 9th grade guys. They are going to be going through Every Young Mans Battle. So this could be very very interesting with these guys, but Im actually looking forward to this as well. Im teaching these guys with my father-in-law, so this could end up being really cool.

So my week seems to be planned and scheduled for me, but thats ok, its going to be good to teach and to be challenged again.

. . . . .

Im also very excited for October to get here.

Every weekend in October is booked, 1st weekend - Montebello, 2nd weekend - Trip to go see Kenny, Nicole and Ella (CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THEM!), 3rd weekend - camping with friends again, 4th weekend - Trip to Knoxville to see Old Crow Medicine Show and to see Ktown and friends.

Im super excited for all those weekends, cant wait to go camp at Montebello with everyone again and just to be up there and take a break from everything, cant wait to see The Gooches, it will be soooo good to see them, but it will make us want to move there and be close to them, and the trip to Knoxville, gosh I cant wait for that either, to finally see Old Crow, with Bill of course, then play disc golf on saturday morning like old times with some good friends, and hang out with the Wolfs, Taylor and my brother and see Ktown.

October will be great.